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Real-Time Online Math Tutoring

Digital math tutoring uses Zoom that allows me to share my screen in real-time with the student. An online session works much the same way as a face-to-face session with the tutor using pencil and paper. 

Advantages that online math tutoring sessions have over face-to-face.

All sessions are recorded

No travel is needed

No meeting rooms are required

Easier scheduling

Less expensive than in-person tutoring

It allows for tutoring on a shorter time interval than one hour.

If a tutoring session requires an in-person setting, sessions of less than one hour don't make much sense. It sometimes can take 30 minutes to get to a session.

With online sessions, one can have 30 minutes, or even shorter sessions instead of one-hour sessions.

This can be extremely beneficial, especially for those with short attention spans. 

                   The Future of Tutoring is Online!




All payments for internet math tutoring sessions must be made in advance using Paypal/Zelle, or MC/VISA. Paypal payments should be made to david@digitalmathtutor.com.